Have JD, will work for nothing. . .

By Caryn Tamber

Dolan Media Newswires

Above the Law has flagged a couple of lawyer jobs advertised on Craigslist recently. These positions are like any other lawyer jobs, really: Applicants need to be admitted to the bar, and they would work full-time. In one instance, they would actually be trying cases. In other words, this isn't really internship stuff. The only difference between these jobs and others? It's minor, really. Piddling. Insignificant, almost.

They don't pay.

And in a sign of the times, at least one of these employers is being deluged with applicants. They're mainly young lawyers who can't find anything paying and are desperate just to get some experience.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing like this currently being advertised on Craigslist in Maryland, but I do wonder if there are employers here who have tried it -- and poor jobless young lawyers who have applied.

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Published: Mon, Jul 19, 2010