The American Bar Association Business Law Section has released a new book, “Showing the Value of the Legal Department: More Than Just a Cost Center,” that shares important insights on how in-house counsel can demonstrate the value of their legal department and justify the investment to the overall business.

In a clear, humorous, and practical style, author Sterling L. Miller lays out lessons and advice about how to demonstrate value from what he learned during his legal career of more than 30 years. The guide takes lawyers through the evolution of the in-house legal department to the need to win the hearts and minds of the business, the importance of numbers, and the appreciation for perception when it comes to showing the value in-house lawyers bring to the business.

This authoritative guide provides a practical blueprint of the nuts and bolts of showing value, including:

• The importance of working to maximize value creation and minimize value destruction

• Technology that generates value

• Partnering with the business

• Legal departments as profit centers

• How to be a strategic in-house lawyer

• Creating an annual value-creation to-do list

• Marketing the legal department to the business

• How to parlay showing value into getting more resources for the legal department

The book includes KPIs (key performance indicators), a sample client satisfaction survey, a low-value contract checklist and practical advice on how to make contracts easier to understand.

“Showing the Value of the Legal Department: More Than Just a Cost Center” is available as a paperback for $79.95. To order, call 800-285-2221 or visit