On tour: C-S graduate performing on international stage

Jacob Hinga (left) pictured next to Pink during a performance.

By Bruce Rolfe

A Climax-Scotts High School graduate has expanded his goals to a bigger stage, performing on a tour with an international pop star but has also taken up a new sport that left him making a video with a well known athlete.

Jacob Hinga, a 2012 graduate of Climax-Scotts High School, just completed the first leg of an international tour with pop singer Pink, performing on the trampwall and other on stage performances.

The son of Don Hinga and Kristy Davis, Jacob just finished the Australian and New Zeeland leg of Pink’s Summer Carnival tour.   

Hinga said he never would have dreamed when he was younger he would be appearing on stage with a world famous performer like Pink, formerly named Alecia Moore.

He said it just happened to work out that the star performer wanted to use trampwall performances on her current tour, and the C-S graduate has performed on the trampwall for a number of years.

“Her (Pink) single ‘Trustfall,’ that’s kind of like the whole album, ‘Trustfall.’ She specifically saw a trampwall and wanted it to be part of her image for ‘Trustfall.’ She went through an audition process. There were like 100 people there and I was one of four selected to go on tour,” explained Hinga.

Hinga said when “Trustfall” is performed at a concert, there is a giant LED screen behind the performers and a trampwall is lifted up onto the stage he performs on.

Before his performance on the trampwall for “Trustfall,” he has some minor dance performances and also does some tumbling acts on a runway during the tour.

Now he’s living out his dream on a big stage and getting paid for it.

“It’s been great. It’s been really fun,” said Hinga.

Hinga has found Pink to be witty, genuine and authentic, enjoys telling stories about her children and doesn’t have much of a filter.

This photo was taken after the Pink Detroit show at Comerica Park when Jacob met a group of friends, most who are old classmates at C-S. From left is Josh Kellogg, Shyla Renee, Jacob Hinga, Anthony Dowling, Aiden Macomber, Brandon Battjes, and Michelle Battjes who came to watch Hinga perform.

(Photo provided by Jacob Hinga)

“I think the main thing is, people are always very curious if she is like what they think she is. And I would say that she is very like who she is. I think she’s hilarious. We’ll have, what we call prayer essentially. It’s not like a religious thing necessarily. It’s just like before a show we’ll all kind of gather everyone who’s on stage and we’ll just kind of like let her kind of talk about anything that she wants to get, you know, off her chest. Or just share like maybe her kids did something really sweet. And then usually, we kind of put out that we want a safe show and that, you know, the audience is receptive. Just things like that. It’s just a cool way to kind of ground ourselves before we go out every night,” offered Hinga.

The tour in New Zealand and Australia started in February and continued into March when there were approximately 20 shows performed before over 3 million people.

According to Billboard, the 20 stadium shows represented the most ever performed by any artist in Australia and New Zeeland on a single tour and Billboard also notes her total ticket sales in the territory will reach more than 3.1 million across six tours, the largest career ticket sales ever accumulated.

The tour is currently on break, however because the New Zealand and Australia tour did so well, Pink announced more dates on the tour in Europe and North America.

“We have about two months off and then in June we’ll go back to Europe and be there for two months and then we’ll go to North America until the end of November,” explained Hinga.