G-A boys track team impressive in win over Martin; girls fall short

Galesburg-Augusta’s Caden Smeltzer hands off to his brother Ben Smeltzer in the 4 x 200-meter relay April 10 at G-A’s new track and first home meet in 22 years.
(Photos by Bruce Rolfe)

The Galesburg-Augusta boys track team earned 12 first place finishes and achieved 38 personal records, helping the team to a 76-51 win over Martin April 10 on G-A’s new track and the first home track meet in 22 years at G-A.

The G-A girls, who have a much smaller roster and did not compete in a handful of events, finished with eight first place finishes, falling short, 76-51.

John Klimp, with first place finishes in the 200-meter dash (23.91), shot put (43’8.25”), discus (118’4”), and as a member of the 4x200-meter relay team with Levi Born, Caden Smeltzer, and Ben Smeltzer (1:41.20), earned four first place finishes.   

Carter Stevens, in the 3200-meter run (11:41.31), Ben Smeltzer in the 100-meter dash (12.19), Landon Bouchard in the 800-meter run (2:21.21) and 1600-meter run (5:09.12), Patrick Armoct in the 110-meter hurdles (18.87), the 4x100-meter relay team of Levi Born, Caden Smeltzer, Adam Hubbard and Ben Smeltzer (48.10), the 4x800-meter relay team of Stevens, Jackson Houseman, Bouchard and Owen Pfeiffer (9:37.15) and Gregory Buckner in the long jump (16’0.75”) also recorded first place finishes.

Junior Jaidyn Klimp enjoyed four first place finishes and one personal record to pace the girls, who established 13 personal records in the meet. Klimp won the 100-meter (13.59), 200-meter (28.26) and 400-meter (1:04.69) dashes and the high jump with a personal record jump of 4’10”.

Ellesa Calendard, in the 110-meter hurdles (20.08) and 300-meter hurdles (56.87), Caitlyn Valedez, in the shot put (31’2”) and discus (75’6”), earned the other first place finishes for the girls.

The Olivet Invitational April 12 G-A was scheduled to participate in was postponed because of rain. A makeup date has not been established.

G-A 76, Martin 51
G-A Results

100 Meters: 1.  Ben Smeltzer, 12.19aSR, 2. Levi Born, 12.24aSR. 3. Caden Smeltzer, 12.27aPR, 4. Adam Hubbard, 12.31aPR, 6. Gregory Buckner, 12.72aPR, Jeremiah Mann, NT, Ethan Thomas, Lawerence Abuga NT; 200 Meters: 1.     John Klimp, 23.91aPR, 2. Ben Smeltzer, 24.96aPR, 3. Adam Hubbard, 25.03aPR, 4. Levi Born, 25.26aPR, 5. Caden Smeltzer, 25.94aSR, 6. Gregory Buckner, 26.93aPR, 7. Jeremiah Mann, 28.27aPR, 8. Lawerence Abuga, 30.09aPR; 400 Meters: Owen Pfeiffer, NT; 800 Meters: 1. Landon Bouchard, 2:21.36aPR, 2. Owen Pfeiffer, 2:22.09aSR, 4. Nick Stevens,    2:48.27aPR, 5. Jackson Houseman, 2:53.00aPR; 1600 Meters: 1. Landon Bouchard, 5:09.12aPR, 2. Braxton Mathis, 5:11.00aPR, 3. Carter Stevens, 5:11.19aSR, 4. Nick Stevens, 5:50.98aPR; 3200 Meters 1. Carter Stevens, 11:41.31aSR, 2. Landon Bouchard, 12:00.78aPR,  4. Nick Stevens, 13:27.45aPR; 110m Hurdles: 1. Patrick Armock, 18.87aPR; 300m Hurdles: Ethan Thomas, NT; 4x100 Relay: 1. Galesburg-Augusta (Levi Born, Caden Smeltzer, Adam Hubbard, Ben Smeltzer), 48.10a, 2-Galesburg-Augusta (Patrick Armock, Gregory Buckner, Jeremiah Mann, Ethan Thomas), 52.07a; 4x200 Relay: 1.  Galesburg-Augusta (Levi Born, Caden Smeltzer, Ben Smeltzer, John Klimp), 1:41.20a; 4x800 Relay: 1. Galesburg-Augusta (Carter Stevens, Jackson Houseman,  Landon Bouchard, Owen Pfeiffer), 9:37.15a; Shot Put: 1. John Klimp, 43’ 8.25PR, 4. Milo Schwendinger, 31’ 6PR, 5. Luke Dennis, 29’ 10PR,  8. Bradley Hubbard, 26’ 2.25PR, 9. Carson Bennet, 25’ 0PR, 11. James Taylor, 23’ 9PR, 12.  Brady Towery, 21’ 3PR, Dre Crosby, ND; Discus: 1. John Klimp, 118’ 4PR, 4. Luke Dennis, 78’ 2PR, 5.Milo Schwendinger, 76’ 11PR, 6. Bradley Hubbard, 72’ 3PR, 8. James Taylor, 67’ 1PR, 10. Brady Towery, 53’ 6PR, 11. Carson Bennet, 43’ 8.5PR, Dre Crosby, ND; High Jump: 3. Jeremiah Mann, 5’ 0PR,  Patrick Armock, NH; Long Jump: 1. Gregory Buckner, 16’ 0.75PR, 3. Jeremiah Mann, 15’ 8.75PR, 5. Jackson Houseman, 13’ 7.25PR, 11. Lawerence Abuga, 11’ 2PR, Adam Hubbard, ND