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  • 'Why are there so many?'

    April 3, 2020

    When one of her three young daughters asked Rachael Denhollander questions that people should’ve asked all along regarding the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, she was inspired to write her children’s book.

  • Daily Briefs

    April 3, 2020

    The American Bar Association will conduct a free webinar, “COVID-19 and the Compassionate Release of the Elderly, Infirm or High Risk,” on Friday, April 3 from 3-5 p.m. EDT.

  • Attacks on Asian Americans a step back from equality

    April 3, 2020

    Personally, I have no problem with President Trump’s labeling the current pandemic the “Chinese flu.”

  • Family Doctor Fights Fear and Struggles with Distancing

    April 2, 2020

    I am sitting at my kitchen table. To my right is my daughter, 9; to my left, my son, 11.

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