Lucky charm: King Leo standing guard outside firm

Parks Title recently welcomed King Leo the Lucky to his new home in Royal Oak.

King Leo, now standing guard outside Parks Title’s headquarters at 916 S. Main Street, is part of the LionTown 2012 fund-raiser benefitting the Children’s Charities Coalition, and he is the final lion to take his position of the 50 feline statues seen throughout the metro Detroit area.

The fiberglass sculpture stands nearly 5 feet tall and was designed by local artist and author, Kathleen Chisholm McInerney.

“We are thrilled to have King Leo find his home at Parks Title,” said company President Julie McKee. “Kathleen created a beautiful piece of art that has deep meaning for our team.”

The lion is a dramatic copper color with gold flecks through his mane. He is adorned with lucky pennies and charms that represent the tradition and values that serve as the foundation for Parks Title.

“King Leo is a subtle tribute to the memories of Pat and John Parks,” McKee stated.

John Parks, the late publisher of The Detroit Legal News, founded Parks Title, and his nephew, Pat, served as president prior to Julie McKee. Both men died of cancer in 2010.
“Pat and John were not only my business partners, but they were huge Lions fans,” said McKee. “I can think of no better way to honor their memory than by supporting LionTown 2012.”

McInerney incorporated in her design a four-leaf clover, a shooting star, and a lucky number 7, all formed from pennies. King Leo has charms celebrating Parks’ Irish heritage, a family tree, and around his neck hangs a sacred heart.

While King Leo has found his home, other lions are still searching and will be auctioned off at an event at Ford Field on Tuesday, Oct. 16. For tickets or more information, visit