Cooley marks 10th anniversary of Master of Laws programs


 Several graduates from Cooley Law School’s LL.M. programs, along with faculty and staff,  gathered Oct. 3 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cooley’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) Graduate Programs. Pictured are faculty members for Cooley’s LL.M. programs: (l-r, front) Lisa DeMoss, Gina M. Torielli, E. Christopher Johnson, Jr., and Joni Larson; (back) Michael C.H. McDaniel, James Carey, David C. Berry, and Gerald T. Tschura.

Cooley Law School recognized the 10th anniversary of its Master of Laws (LL.M.) Graduate Programs during an alumni reunion, on Oct. 3, at the Auburn Hills campus. Several graduates of the LL.M. programs, along with faculty and staff, attended the event. 

“Cooley’s LL.M. programs target both complex and developing areas of law,” said Associate Dean of Faculty and LL.M. Programs Charles P. Cercone. “I am most proud of the tremendous lawyers — David Berry, Gerry Tschura, Gina Torielli, Joni Larson, Mike McDaniel, Lisa DeMoss, Chris Johnson, and Jim Carey — who left their prestigious law practices to become professors here and lead these programs. Over the last 10 years they have provided our LL.M. students with the uncommon opportunity to learn from them and the great adjuncts they recruited, and to grow personally and professionally. Under their leadership, these programs are well-positioned to provide an invaluable credential for students seeking to broaden their career opportunities.”

During the evening’s festivities, Cercone took a moment to thank the current and previous program directors and administrators.  He acknowledged, in memoriam, Willette Northup-Thompson, who was one of Cooley’s first LL.M. students and the program’s director before she passed away. 

Cooley’s Master of Laws programs are available to qualified J.D. graduates interested in focusing and enhancing their legal knowledge and career opportunities.  Cooley offers seven LL.M. programs to graduates and practitioners at any of Cooley’s Michigan campuses, with a number of the programs offered online. Graduate programs include:

• Tax: The Graduate Tax Program provides a practice-oriented curriculum to help lawyers expand their opportunities by obtaining both a better understanding of tax law and a respected credential in the tax field.

• Intellectual Property: The Intellectual Property LL.M. program is designed for both attorneys with scientific or engineering backgrounds seeking to gain the skills necessary to practice patent law, including succeeding on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Registration Examination, and for attorneys with non-technical backgrounds seeking to become proficient in copyright, trademark, licensing, and e-commerce issues.

• Corporate Law and Finance: The Corporate Law and Finance LL.M., designed, directed and taught by prominent corporate practitioners and law professors, trains the next generation of corporate lawyers.

• Insurance Law: The Insurance Law LL.M. program is designed to provide specialized training and experience to lawyers seeking to enhance their insurance practice or prepare for employment within government or the insurance industry. In addition to the practical aspects of insurance law practice, students graduate with a deep background in the issues and challenges confronting clients in the property and casualty, life, health and disability, reinsurance and surplus lines of insurance.

• Homeland and National Security: Launched in 2013, the Homeland and National Security LL.M. program includes study in air and transportation security, border security, military operations in the homeland, intelligence and privacy issues, technology and cybersecurity, as well as the practical courses on federal contracting and administrative agencies.

• Self-Directed Program: Individuals with a specialized legal passion may customize an 

LL.M. degree through the Self-Directed LL.M. Program. Working with a faculty adviser, the student completes a combination of electives, and supplements classroom work with self-directed learning, teaching, and real-world experience.

• U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Attorneys: The U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Attorneys LL.M. program is intended for well-qualified lawyers and law graduates from countries outside the United States who desire to immerse themselves in the study of the common law and then plan to return to their country to practice law.

To learn more about Cooley’s Master of Laws program, see, or by contacting Cathy McCollum, director for Graduate and Extended Programs, at 517-371-5140, ext. 2703.