Under Analysis . . .

 Turning Point?

Charles Kramer, The Levison Group

Is Ferguson a turning point

or just another burning point?

Will Stanton Island’s choking gasp

Put us on a better path?


In our zeal to protect our land

Have we lost sight of founding fathers’ plan?

Our system must provide the means

for have-nots to embrace the dream

or there’ll be no reason not to stray,

to burn and pillage, make the system pay.


It’s been years since Martin King

Taught Crosby Stills and Nash to sing

And violence left the city streets

And society’s sectors began to meet.


But has anything really changed?

Has any progress been obtained?

Has anything been really gained?

Or is everything still the same?


Is Ferguson a turning point

or just another burning point?

Can Stanton Island wake us up

And help us realize promise sought?


Once those who lived below the line

could see the path to better times.

If they did what they needed to.

They believed in time they could break through


But somehow things changed in midstream

Blurring the promised American dream

No longer do all men believe

That their families can succeed.

People now feel trapped at birth,

 hard built rainbows have crashed to earth.

Blind justice means some can’t see

a path by which to join the dream.

So tempers flare, the system frays

on a fateful Missouri day.


But it’s not too late to understand

 freedom and success march hand in hand.

For an America down still can stand

to  reclaim the road to the promised land


Let’s make today the turning point

Not just another burning point

Let Stanton Island’s choking gasp

Put us back on freedom’s path.


Under Analysis is a nationally syndicated column of the Levison Group. Charles Kramer is a principal of the St. Louis, Missouri law firm Riezman Berger PC. Comments or criticisms about this column may be sent to the Levison Group c/o this newspaper or to the Levison Group at comments@levisongroup.com.

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