LAD helps property owners in show cause hearings

Attorneys from Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc. (LAD) spent six day at Cobo Center in January and February counseling and representing property owners in Wayne County facing foreclosure for failing to pay property taxes.

County Treasurer Raymond J. Wojtowicz held six days of show cause hearings at Cobo Center for commercial and residential property owners facing foreclosure. They were held at the center because there wasn’t enough room at Wayne County Circuit Court, according to Joon Sung, director of litigation for LAD’s Civil Law Group.

The county must hold show cause hearings before it can proceed to final foreclosure, Sung said.

At least two LAD attorneys were on site each day of the hearings counseling and representing property owners, primarily homeowners, he said.

 “Seventy-five thousand homes in Wayne County are facing foreclosure,” Sung said. “A large number of families and children are at risk of losing their homes. We can help them get extensions on the time required to pay taxes, reduce or eliminate interest or fees, and get help from state programs to pay off taxes.”

“Most people don’t know their options,” Sung said. “Fortunately, we’re able to counsel and represent them.”

LAD worked in partnership with Michigan Legal Services and the United Community Housing Coalition during the hearings, Sung said.