Financial, DOJ officials to speak at ABA conference

The worldwide bitcoin and digital currency industry is plagued by regulatory and enforcement uncertainty. The American Bar Association will host "Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies: Emerging Issues in Regulation and Enforcement," a one-day seminar on June 26 in Washington, D.C., that will focus on regulatory compliance and enforcement efforts directed at digital currency.

The conference, which will feature four panel discussions, kicks off at 9:30 a.m. with keynote speaker Jennifer Shasky Calvery, director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

The 12:45 luncheon speaker will be Leslie R. Caldwell, who is assistant attorney general, Criminal Division, at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Conference highlights include:

"Bitcoin: A Primer" - Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are fueling a revolution in global payment systems and may well transform the way business is conducted. Panelists will explain how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies function, the risks they may pose to users and the manner in which businesses are transacting in them.

"Enforcement Today: Case Examples" - The digital currency landscape is increasingly being shaped by enforcement actions. A panel of government and industry experts will explain recent enforcement actions and provide insight into how new and old laws are being applied in the digital currency space. Panelists will offer their insights on the future direction of enforcement actions and how they may impact the various players.

"Practical Guidance for Everyday Use and the Threat Landscape: Looking Forward" - This panel will ask what lessons can be learned looking back at the last 12 months of the bitcoin ecosystem? What are the short- and long-term challenges faced by industry participants in the U.S., and how can a course be charted that meets the expectations of government and law enforcement? What is the current state of the threat environment, and what threats are of the most immediate concern? How has the international landscape developed, and what are the implications for the U.S.?

Published: Thu, Jun 11, 2015