ABA book serves to guide lawyers wanting a break

Leaving the practice of law is something many lawyers surprisingly want to do. However, many may find it difficult to make such a transition.

A new American Bar Association book, "Lawyer Interrupted: Successfully Transitioning from the Practice of Law - and Back Again," explores the practical and ethical considerations for lawyers seeking a break for temporary leaves of absence, taking care of family, changing careers, disciplinary actions and retirement.

Written by award-winning author Amy Impellizzeri, the book includes personal stories shared by the author and a broad spectrum of lawyers, including Laurel Bellows, past president of the ABA (2012-13); Marc Luber, former entertainment lawyer and founder of the award-winning video website JDCareersOutThere.com; Nathan Sawaya, a corporate lawyer turned internationally famous Lego brick artist; and Jill Donovan, a litigator turned renowned celebrity jewelry designer.

The book provides lawyers with realistic advice on how to navigate their career and effectively transition between their practice and taking a break. Impellizzeri focuses on the importance of preplanning and addresses the considerations unique to each reason for a break. The author also offers a detailed checklist for lawyers to avoid pitfalls and disasters when planning to take a break in service:

- Be sure you really want to leave

- Leave on top

- Cultivate relationships with junior colleagues

- Keep dressing like a lawyer

- Engage in a pattern of strategic volunteerism

- Embrace it!

An innovative, practical, concrete and substantive book, Impellizzeri provides extensive resources to enable readers to explore relevant situations in depth.

Impellizzeri, a lawyer, is an award-winning author of books, essays and articles. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, The Glass Hammer and ABA's Law Practice Today, among others. Her first novel, "Lemongrass Hope," was an Amazon best seller.

Published: Tue, Jun 23, 2015