District court's holiday sales event a success

The 2-Day Holiday Sales Event held at the 36th District Court on Dec. 28 and 29 was an outstanding success according to court administrator,  Kelli Moore Owen. Thousands of individuals took advantage of the court’s offer to waive all late and warrant fees and paid outstanding balances in full, including clearance fees to restore their driving privileges.

“We really wanted to do something unique that would provide the public we serve with an opportunity to start out the New Year with a fresh start.” stated Owen. 

“It was an exceptional concept and offer to the people living in or visiting our great city, many of whom have been struggling to reinstate their driving privileges,” said Chief Judge Nancy M. Blount. “We were in the giving spirit and I decided to enter an order allowing the reduction.” 

When asked about future events of this nature, Blount indicated that Michigan Court Rule 1.110 requires that all fines and costs be paid at the time of assessment and the additional fees would not have been assessed if individuals paid at the time the case was adjudicated or complied with the initial terms and conditions of court ordered payment plans.

The Court closed 2,232 cases, which included 1,888 license suspension clearances, and collected more than $300,000.  The success of the sale also resulted in the issuance of approximately 500 “rain checks.”  Those rain checks will continue to be honored by the court allowing citizens that the court could not service the opportunity to take advantage of the sale through the end of this month.