Daily Briefs . . .

Oakland County 46th District Court holds amnesty program

The Oakland County 46th District Court is conducting an amnesty program through June 20. This is the first amnesty program in the recent history of the court. The 46th District Court is waiving late fees on eligible traffic tickets and parking violations as well as late fees and warrant fees on eligible traffic misdemeanors (those not requiring a court appearance).

Unpaid tickets negatively impact an individual’s life, as late fees and warrant fees evolve into drivers’ license suspensions and the possibility of arrest. As a result, citizens live in fear and have an impaired ability to travel to work or school. The amnesty program will provide individuals with the opportunity to clear up their tickets and warrants without fear of arrest or additional financial penalties, paving the way to obtaining valid drivers’ licenses. Those interested in participating in the 46th District Court amnesty program should note the following:

• All payments must be made in person at 46th Judicial District Court, 26000 Evergreen Rd. in Southfield.

• The program is only available May 23-June 20, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

• Only cash, credit or certified funds will be accepted for payment (no payment plans).

• The ticket must be paid in its entirety.

• Handicap tickets and felony violations are not eligible for amnesty.

The court is committed to collecting all outstanding fines, fees, and costs. The court hopes this program will provide citizens with the opportunity to free themselves from the burden of unpaid tickets.

For additional information, call 248-796-5860 or 5880 or go to www.46thdistrictcourt.com.


Third Judicial Circuit Court warns residents of jury duty scam

The Third Judicial Circuit Court of Wayne County has learned of a telephone scam regarding missed jury duty. The scam artist will call and advise the person that jury duty was missed and a fine has to be paid immediately or the person will be subject to arrest or an arrest warrant will be issued. In the most recent scam, the caller states he is calling from Chief Judge Robert J. Colombo Jr.’s office.

The Third Circuit Court advises Jurors:

• If you receive a phone call like this, it is not from Judge Colombo, the Third Judicial Circuit Court or anyone affiliated with the Court. Do not respond to this phone call or pay anyone any sum of money. Obtain as much information as you can about the caller and report it to your local police department.

• If you missed jury duty in the Third Judicial Circuit Court, you will not receive a phone call requesting money and threatening arrest.  You may contact the Court if you failed to appear for jury duty. If you were to serve at the Coleman A. Young Center, please call 313-224-5650. If you were to serve at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, please call 313-224-2507. If you do not call, you may receive a Show Cause Order requiring your presence in Court on a specific date to explain why you missed court.