3 friends receive job offers at Harness Dickey

By Kim Neu

MSU College of Law

Three friends - Chintan Patel, David Spears, and George Patsarikas - have accepted job offers with Harness Dickey in Troy following their graduation from Michigan State University College of Law in May 2017. The trio attributes some of their professional success to their long-standing friendship.

"We strive to push each other," Patsarikas said. "It helps us stay friends."

Patel and Patsarikas met in their Foundations of Law class during the college's Immersion Week for first year students. Spears befriended Patel and Patsarikas a year later, while working their summer jobs at Harness Dickey.

"We were able to succeed at Harness Dickey, partially because of how well we were able to get along," Spears said.

"It's tough in a new environment and sometimes you don't want to bring your questions to an attorney," Patel said. "We weren't hesitant to call each other and ask for help."

Patel, Patsarikas, and Spears say they're able to maintain a healthy work-life balance in their friendship.

"We're pretty good at leaving work out of the conversation," Patsarikas said.

All three also share an educational interest in intellectual property. Spears graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering while Patsarikas and Patel earned degrees in electrical engineering. In addition, they share a passion for sports. Patsarikas and Spears play basketball together and played on the championship team in the MSU College of Law basketball tournament.

Patel, Patsarikas, and Spears received their job offers at the beginning of September. They were excited to find out they will work together following graduation, and they celebrated by going out for dinner.

"To see your friends succeed along with you makes it that much better," Patsarikas said. "We started together at the same spot, and now here we are."

Published: Tue, Dec 20, 2016