Transaction action: Graduating Dual J.D. student aspires to establish strong corporate practice


By Sheila Pursglove
Legal News

With an increased globalization to the practice of law, Adam Fucile picked the Dual J.D. program at Detroit Mercy Law School and the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.

“It offered an unparalleled opportunity to become familiar with the American legal system while earning two degrees during the time it takes most individuals to earn one, and it would provide me with a comprehensive learning experience with opportunities on both sides of the border,” he says.   

The Canadian native has high praise for Detroit Mercy Law.

“The faculty truly holds a passion to deliver a high-quality education and ensure each student develops the skills necessary to become successful in the practice of law,” he says.   

Moots and competitions have provided an experiential learning environment that allowed Fucile to apply classroom learning in a practical and realistic forum. He and fellow 3L student Joseph Tung won the Regional Transactional LawMeet Competition held Feb. 24 at Northwestern University School of Law, and were semi-finalists in the March 31 National LawMeet in New York.   

“My participation in LawMeets not only shaped my conceptual understanding of transactional law and negotiating skills, but provided the opportunity to learn practical skills I know will be very useful in my career,” he says.   

An internship with Judge Edward Ewell Jr., at the Third Judicial Circuit of Wayne County, will have an ever-lasting impression, Fucile says.

“Judge Ewell is a remarkable individual, dedicated to development. He took the time to not only ensure I understood the legal concepts before the court, but also to teach me the inherent skills, mentality and outlook one needs to be successful. He will always be a role model and I’m grateful to have had the chance to work for him.”   

During his three years at Windsor Law, Fucile served as president of the golf association, solicitation associate of the Windsor Review of Legal or Social Issues, played on the men’s tier one hockey team and law co-ed soccer team, and was a member of the Italian Club.

“I’ve met some life-long friends and have created a countless number of memories,” he says.

In his final year, he was a mentor in the Peer Mentorship Program, helping fellow students overcome the anxieties of moving to a new city and entering law school.

“It was very rewarding to see my mentee grow and develop as a student,” he says. “He is now mentoring other individuals and welcomes new challenges often.”   

Fucile started his career path as a number cruncher, choosing accounting for his undergrad degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, with the goal of learning core concepts and internal workings of a business and improving critical thinking skills.

“It was a very difficult decision to move away from accounting,” he says. “However, I chose to pursue law because it was more suited to my personality—I’m a socially-oriented individual and wanted to work directly with clients to solve problems.”   

He viewed the law as an achievement-oriented field that is not only practical and versatile, but requires critical-thinking and creativity.

“It’s a career that demands continual learning and personal growth—and this really appealed to me,” he says.   

With an interest in transaction-based law, Fucile would like to establish a strong corporate commercial practice. His first step along that road is a job at Dickinson Wright PLLC in Toronto, where he worked last summer and will return after graduation. His work involves conducting research and drafting memoranda on Aboriginal, environmental, commercial, gaming, intellectual property and other areas of law; drafting briefs, complaints, and factums for litigation matters; drafting and editing publications on franchise, employment, and corporate related topics; and observing and assisting with real estate closings, client signings, motions and discoveries.

“Dickinson Wright is an incredible firm and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best lawyers in the profession,” he says. “The firm provides a fast-paced, challenging, but supportive work environment.

“I was most impressed with the level of encouragement I received and the amount of attention devoted to my development in the legal practice. I’m certain Dickinson Wright will provide me with the tools and skill sets necessary to become a successful lawyer.”

When on this side of the border, Fucile enjoys the atmosphere of the Motor City.

“Detroit is an incredible place filled with exceptional restaurants, interesting communities and creative individuals,” he says. “I find myself constantly being inspired by the passion and loyalty residents have for their city.”

A native of Toronto, Fucile still makes the Ontario capital his home base, where he and his brother have established a real-estate investment portfolio, purchasing, renovating, and actively managing four properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

Fucile is inspired by the memory of his late parents, both of whom died a few years ago.

“They are my motivation and I strive to make them proud each and every day,” he says.