Cooley Law School honors judge with Integrity Award

Judge Donald L. Allen Jr. was recently honored with WMU-Cooley Law School’s Integrity Award. Judge Allen received the award following his keynote speech on March 22 as part of the school’s “Integrity in Our Communities” speaker series. The award is presented to legal professionals who demonstrate the highest integrity in their profession. 

During his presentation, Allen said it is a privilege to help others. He spoke to WMU-Cooley law students, faculty and staff about the importance of values, integrity and preserving one’s reputation.

“It takes years, maybe even decades to develop a reputation for your integrity, for your professionalism,” Allen said. “It takes years and years of doing the right thing, but it only takes seconds for that to be destroyed.”

 Allen is the presiding judge of the 55th District Court Sobriety Court, which focuses on the rehabilitation of repeat offense substance abusers in Ingham County.

Allen is a 1983 graduate of Wayne State University Law School and spent most of his professional career as an assistant attorney general in the Michigan  Department of Attorney General. He served at the Department of  Attorney General from  February 1988 through September 2005.

In 2005, Allen was appointed deputy legal counsel to Gov. Jennifer Granholm. The following year, Granholm appointed him to serve as director of the Office of Drug Control Policy, which he served until his 55th District Court appointment in 2008.

Allen was appointed chief judge of the court by the Michigan Supreme Court on Jan. 1, 2016.