'Rockin' Xmas'

'Rockin' Xmas'

The annual Rockin' Xmas Party was held Dec. 8 at Circus Bar & Billiards in Ann Arbor. Two barrels of food were collected for Food Gatherers, along with donations totaling $975, Twenty-two bags of toys were collected for Toys for Tots and Community Action Network (CAN); also, CAN received $75 in donations, and Toys for Tots, $160. Donations to the Humane Society of Huron Valley filled three bins and HSHV received $375 in donations.


(l-r) Bob Killewald, Charlie Groh, Elizabeth Janovic, Jon Emmons, Rita White, Mike Gatti, Fawn Montgomery, Scott Munzel.


(l-r) Joy Gaines, Miriam Perry and Jane Thurston.


Scott Munzel.


Elizabeth Janovic encourages Bob Killewald on lead guitar.

Photos by Frank Weir

Published: Fri, Dec 22, 2017