Labor Force


Butzel Long presented the 30th Annual Labor, Employment, Benefits and Immigration Law Forum on Thursday, Nov. 16, at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit. Among those taking part in the program were Butzel Long’s (l-r) Carey DeWitt, Lynn McGuire, Craig Schwartz, Diane Soubly,  Jason Killingbeck, Elissa Pinto, Daniel Tukel, and John Hancock. “The attraction and retention of talent, particularly skilled and technical talent, is a significant challenge for many employers today,” said Tukel, chair of Butzel Long’s Labor, Employment, and Employee Benefits Department. “In addition to a broad variety of labor, employment, employee benefits, and immigration workshops, this year we have a talent attraction and retention track, with three different workshops devoted to that issue from a variety of different perspectives.”

 – Photo by John Meiu


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