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Timely new ABA book tells ­fascinating, ­controversial ­stories of immigration

Rather than traveling over immigration's well-worn legal and political terrain, the new American Bar Association release, "Safe Haven in America: Battles to Open the Golden Door," tells stories tales of children kidnapped to foreign countries in bitter divorce battles, families all but destroyed by the attack on the World Trade Center, a hero's shabby treatment after standing up to terror and a young DACA recipient becoming the target of a hate attack.

"Safe Haven" presents the human face of immigration, covering cases that are as fascinating as they are controversial. The case histories read more like espionage thrillers, populated with KGB agents, nuclear whistle-blowers and even accused terrorists fighting for their lives as well as legal standing in the United States.

Whether it's about the long-term impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on immigration policy or the latest twist in separating migrant children from their asylum-seeking parents at the border, author Michael Wildes' opinion has been sought by a range of news organizations, from Fox News to CNN. He speaks with the hard-won experience of more than a quarter-century on the front lines of immigration, as an attorney and as managing partner of Wildes & Weinberg, the premier immigration law practice in the country.

New ABA book is a ­comprehensive guide to public speaking for lawyers

The American Bar Association new book release, "Being Heard: Presentation Skills for Attorneys," is a comprehensive guide that provides lawyers with basic as well as advanced techniques to enhance presentations, whether in or out of court.

While many people dread public speaking, it is a skill that can be learned, like writing, playing an instrument or becoming fluent in another language.

Attorneys and non-attorneys alike will find in this book techniques that can be used immediately to improve their presentation skills. From researching the audience to creating the perfect message to body language and delivery tips, this wide-reaching guide provides the tools needed to be a better speaker.

Author Faith Pincus is an accomplished speaker who has trained attorneys, CEOs, elected and appointed of?cials, candidates and management for more than 25 years. As an attorney and former federal law clerk, she is uniquely positioned to understand the speaking skills required of attorneys.

@ROUND UP Briefs Headline:<*p(0,0,0,18,0,3,g(P,S))>New ABA book analyzes cryptocurrencies' effecton digital economy and ­financial security

The new American Bar Association release "Blockchain for Business Lawyers" provides readers with a comprehensive look at one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies in decades. It is a vital new phase in the internet economy that has the potential to make game-changing transformations to our digital economy and financial security.

This book offers a detailed review of cryptocurrencies and financial regulations (with a focus on the United States); smart code and smart contracts; security and privacy; antitrust regulations; the regulation of money transmission; applicable U.S. state laws and disputes, liability and jurisdiction issues related to blockchain. It looks at blockchain challenges, breaks down legal developments and offers possible resolutions.

Co-editors Mark W. Rasmussen and James A. Cox are lawyers in Jones Day's Dallas office and part of the firm's Business and Tort Litigation practice. Rasmussen is a seasoned litigator and investigator with more than a dozen years of experience representing clients in complex commercial litigation, securities litigation, regulatory and internal investigations and bankruptcy litigation. Cox has more than two decades of legal experience and a background in computer science and has successfully advised clients on their most challenging and difficult matters in litigation and arbitration, including complex technology-related disputes, international disputes, class actions and disputes involving corporate acquisitions.

Published: Wed, Sep 19, 2018