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New edition of ABA book for trial lawyers is a return of classic title, new wisdom and witticisms

The American Bar Association’s recently published book, “The Trial Lawyer: What It Takes to Win, Second Edition,” brings all of the live-wire courtroom stories, incisive legal commentary and practical, real-world skills of the first volume with a new focus on the infamous $10.5 billion verdict in Pennzoil v. Texaco.

In what reads as part instruction manual, part highlight reel of author David Berg and his advisors’ most dramatic and hard-hitting cases, the second edition of “The Trial Lawyer” enhances a time-tested standby. Berg imparts hard-won trial tactics for everything from preparing to win in discovery and voir dire to witness prep, cross-examination and closing arguments. This new volume further details the legal strategies and the undeniable personality that Joe Jamail leveraged in his record-breaking trial Pennzoil v. Texaco, which was the largest verdict upheld on appeal.

Berg, was mentored under eminent attorneys Joe Jamail and Richard “Racehorse” Haynes and remains one of America’s leading trial lawyers. With a storyteller’s bent toward pursuing justice, Berg has solidified himself as a figurehead for jury trials.

“The Trial Lawyer: What It Takes to Win, Second Edition” stresses winning cases as much with persuasion and emotional connection – accessing the archetypal core of each case – as with diligent research and thorough preparation. Filled with insight, intelligence and wry humor, this new edition is a must-have on any legal bookshelf.