Welcome to the Economic Blueprint journey

Kyle Zwiren

When I was young, I wanted to grow up to be a professional basketball player. However, upon reflection, (never making it past the junior varsity bench) maybe it was doomed from the start, so I focused on my next dream, becoming an attorney.

I set off, down my new dream's path which, as most of you reading this column can relate, entailed a ton of reading, writing and critical thinking. But,as I progressed through high school, college, and law school I enjoyed the journey, which only confirmed that I was "playing to my strengths" (unlike my 3-point shot). I made the right decision!

One great thing about life's journey is that it continues to open new doors and unexpected opportunities. The only price of admission is simply whether are you willing to see them.

So as I started and excelled in my legal career, I also married the love of my life, bought a house, and started a family. During these years something incredible happened. As my wife and I brought new lives into this world full of independence, curiosity, and love my deeper passion emerged. As a parent I became responsible for protecting my family: making sure they are and will continue to be safe, secure, and most importantly happy.

I had discovered an even deeper passion for being a trusted advisor on life's matters. Just as I am devoted to my family, I know my clients feel the same way about their families. When we work toward optimizing their finances, we're protecting and growing their families just as much as their wealth.

At Financial Architects, our objective is to be our clients' most trusted advisor. An attorney's objective should be the same. Note that I did not say I want to be the most trusted financial advisor and attorneys need not merely be the most trusted legal advisor. We should seek to be our clients' most trusted advisor, period.

I strengthen my client relationships when they come to me with an issue financial or otherwise and I have the answers myself or I can introduce them to the right person.

Two weeks ago I debuted The Economic Blueprint and wrote about paying off student loans. This column's purpose is to help attorneys be their clients' most trusted advisor. Regardless of your practice area, your clients are people and people have life cycle events.

Some of your clients will get married, have children, and purchase property. Some will own businesses, increase their earning potential, and some will get divorced. And some will get older, stop working, and experience the loss of family members. All of your clients will pay taxes.

When these life cycle events occur, you want your clients coming to you for advice. You will strengthen your professional relationship by helping, whether or not it relates to your practice area.

My goal is that this column will provide tools financial and occasionally otherwise for you to advise your clients as they come to you during these sometimes joyful and other times challenging occasions, thus deepening your relationship with them.

Oh, by the way, I am available for any "pick-up" games over the summer, so keep me in mind!


Want to talk to Kyle about student loans or other topics featured in The Economic Blueprint? Please email him at kzwiren@financialarch.com or call him at 248-482-3622.

Kyle Zwiren, J.D. works with Financial Architects, Inc., an independently-owned company located in Farmington Hills. Kyle and his team serve attorneys and other professionals to help them design financial plans in line with their goals and based on optimal efficiency. Kyle practiced law prior to becoming a Financial Architect and left the practice to follow his passion.

Published: Wed, Apr 17, 2019