Therapy dogs visit WMU-Cooley Law School during final weeks


Dogs from Therapy Dogs International, an organization that brings qualified dogs and handlers to institutions where therapy dogs are requested, visited WMU-Cooley Law School’s Lansing campus on Monday, April 15, the start of finals week. The Lansing campus Student Bar Association scheduled the visit to give students the opportunity to manage stress during finals and learn how therapy dogs are used in helping individuals suffering from stress, or stress-related disorders.

WMU-Cooley student Jomi Ogunfiditimi, president of the Lansing campus SBA, said he first learned about the organization when he was pursuing his undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University.

Handlers brought Kindle, an English Labrador who also works in the Isabella County Courthouse, Polly the Collie, and Viper, a Golden Retriever, to the Lansing campus of WMU-Cooley to help relieve final exam stress.

Therapy Dogs International is a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing, and the registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions.

Members of Therapy Dogs International bringing the dogs for a visit were John and MaryLouise Haas, with Polly the Collie; Margy Riemer, with Viper the Golden, and Dave Rudzinski, with Kindle the Labrador.