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New ABA book an up-to-date, authoritative resource for prime contractors and subcontractors

Just published by the ABA, “Guide to Service Subcontract Terms and Conditions, Second Edition” provides a framework for prime contractors and subcontractors to negotiate the terms and conditions of service subcontracts in support of federal government vendors. This valuable guide is based on the published Federal Acquisition Regulation and Department of Defense FAR Supplement texts as of November 30, 2018.
This new edition will assist prime contractors and subcontractors in drafting and negotiating service subcontracts under prime contracts with the federal government. It identifies recommended clauses to help protect the rights and obligations of the prime contractor, the subcontractor and/or the federal government.

A range of authors contributed to this text, including government attorneys, in-house counsel, private sector attorneys, accountants and other professionals, all of who brought a multifaceted perspective to the provisions and clauses analyzed. The editors also come from diverse backgrounds: Keir X. Bancroft, U.S. Air Force; Susan Warshaw Ebner, Stinson Leonard Street LLP; Linda Maramba, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Eric Whytsell, Stinson Leonard Street LLP; and Hartmann Young, GE Aviation.


New ABA book is updated with essential advice for new law graduates, associates 

The recently published American Bar Association book, “The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law” is a must-have resource for new law graduates and associates entering the world of Big Law. Author and attorney Mark Herrmann shares both his insight and “The Curmudgeon’s” advice on how to work efficiently to build a long, successful career.

This updated release includes everything an associate will need to know for their first day on the job. “The Curmudgeon” candidly shares what partners are looking for in your writing, your depositions and your overall performance at the firm – and he doesn’t hold back. Chapter titles include How to Fail as an Associate, The Curmudgeon’s Law Dictionary and The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Building a Practice.

Filled with humor and useful knowledge for beginning a career in law, “The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law” is a compact, comprehensive guide on how to be an effective law firm associate.

The Curmudgeon is, of course, a figment of Herrmann’s imagination. Herrmann himself is not quite as old and nasty as you might think after reading this book. He graduated from Princeton University in 1979 and the University of Michigan Law School in 1983. After graduation, he clerked for Judge Dorothy W. Nelson in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Herrmann practiced at Steinhart & Falconer in San Francisco from 1984-89, then moved to Cleveland and joined the law firm Jones Day, where he was a partner when he wrote the original edition of this book. Herrmann is now the deputy general counsel of Aon plc.


New ABA book shares how lawyers can ‘train’ their experts and expert witnesses

Just published by the American Bar Association, “How to Train Your Expert: Making Your Client’s Case” is the latest book in author and attorney Janet S. Kole’s series of best-selling short and helpful guides on litigation for young lawyers. The book provides a helpful overview of the issues that might come up when you are preparing for trial with experts and expert witnesses.

Kole shares how to determine if you need an expert in the first place, how to find an expert, how to prepare your expert for a deposition and for trial, and how to establish a respectful relationship with the expert. She draws on her own experience and provides useful advice for lawyers who are starting out: “As I say in all of my books for lawyers, don’t rely on anything in this book as a hard and fast rule; remember that litigation is an art, not a science. Remember that case law can change on a dime. And as for rules  ?  read them!”

“How to Train Your Expert” is an entertaining and indispensable read for lawyers looking to discover the ethical way to “train” their expert to be clear and cooperative. 

Kole practiced law for more than 30 years before retiring to write books. This is her fifth book for young lawyers published by the ABA, and she is also the author of two mysteries.


A practical guide to legal issues for nonprofit organizations

A practical, quick reference guide with basic information and legal guidance for lawyers who represent nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Law provides lawyers who represent nonprofit organizations with basic information and guidance on legal issues that commonly arise. Covering the formation, tax, governance, and documentation, as well as mergers and sale of assets of nonprofits, and dissolution of nonprofits, this quick reference:

• Reviews basic questions an attorney should ask a client when advising on nonprofit issues

• Addresses issues relating to formation and describes important documents that are part of the formation process, including articles of incorporation and bylaws

• Discusses taxation issues with a focus on the types of federal tax exemptions that are available under the Internal Revenue Code

• Addresses governance matters and describes the individuals involved in the governance of a nonprofit corporation and the fiduciary duties imposed on the board of directors

• Focuses on other matters that often arise in representation of a nonprofit and includes discussion on subsidiaries of nonprofits and much more.