WMU-Cooley welcomes new students

WMU-Cooley Assistant Dean Lisa
Halushka (front, left) and Associate
Dean Joan Vestrand (front, right)
with incoming students.

Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah welcomed the new class of law students at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus on Aug. 28 during the law school’s orientation. On Aug. 29, new students participated in the Professionalism in Action program featuring judges and attorneys.

Before administering the Honor Code, Judge Farah noted that professionalism, ethics and integrity are topics revisited each term as WMU-Cooley welcomes its incoming students.

“Today is the birth of your legal profession,” he told the students. “It is at this point when your integrity is the strongest, at its apex. It can only go down or be maintained. The ethical rules are easy to abide by now, because you are not confronted with the temptation to take the shortcut. But, does it really matter how many clients you have or how much money you make if you got there by cheating?"

During the Professionalism in Action program, 13 judges and lawyers representing five different counties, including current State Bar of Michigan President Jennifer Greico, welcomed students and thanked WMU-Cooley for continuing the tradition of the Professionalism Orientation, which started in 2009 at the Auburn Hills location.