Warner partner receives award for international work in Africa

Warner Norcross + Judd LLP partner Troy M. Cumings has received an award from Bethany Christian Services for his international work to support family preservation and in-country adoption services.

Cumings was recognized at a special 75th anniversary dinner for the global nonprofit on Oct. 24 where he received the inaugural Guardian Award. The award is  given to those who serve as a protector, a defender and a fierce advocate for vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world. Recipients of the award are seen as upholding and embodying the mission of Bethany Christian Services to serve vulnerable children and families.

“Troy Cumings has been pivotal in the expansion of Bethany’s international work and family preservation services across the United States,” said Bethany Christian Services President & CEO Chris Palusky, who nominated Cumings. “Furthermore, he has been a gift to Bethany Christian Services through his role as a member of Bethany’s national board of directors and as chairman of the Bethany Global board.

“Troy has also demonstrated that he has a heart for vulnerable children around the world by lending his support on the ground in Ethiopia, Colombia and South Africa, and by welcoming children into his family through adoption.”

When Cumings and his wife, Becky, decided to adopt in 2011, they chose Bethany Christian Services to support their journey of bringing home a new son and daughter. Cumings was invited to join the organization’s global board the following year, eventually stepping into the role as chair where he combined his professional skills in lobbying to support the organization’s mission internationally.

With support from Cumings, Bethany has worked to replicate the U.S. model of family preservation, adoption and foster care programs in other countries by assisting those countries with changing laws and cultures and ultimately providing services on the ground. This has allowed these countries to work toward providing the full spectrum of child and family preservation and protection services, which results in a more self-sustaining system to address the most needy families and children within that country and ultimately helping more children find “forever families.”

“I am truly passionate about this issue and delighted I could play a role in advocating around the world for the children Bethany Christian Services supports,” said Cumings, a father of four. “I am gratified in the successes achieved through years of advocacy and excited about the great things that can be accomplished in the future.

“I am honored to be recognized with the Guardian Award from Bethany Christian Services for this work, which is near and dear to my heart and to those of my family.”

Cumings serves as the executive partner of the Lansing office of Warner. He chairs the firm’s Government Affairs Practice Group. He lobbies on behalf of clients primarily in Michigan, but also has extensive experience representing clients in front of Congress, the White House, federal agencies and in other states. Cumings also represents office holders and other clients on various legal issues connected with government-affairs issues.