Sentencing set for former DA convicted of felonies

OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) — A judge has scheduled sentencing for a former Alabama prosecutor who pleaded guilty to felony charges earlier this year.

Judge Pamela Baschab set a hearing on Oct. 5 for former Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes, who pleaded guilty in June to perjury and using his office for person gain, WTVM-TV reported.

Hughes was automatically removed from office with the convictions, which came after his trial had started.

Hughes cited his long career as a prosecutor and his desire to serve the public in asking the judge to let him serve time in a community corrections program, which would allow him to stay at his home at night, but the judge refused after prosecutors objected.

Hughes, 47, was accused of lying to a grand jury and using $14,000 dollars from an office account to litigate a settlement involving a sex discrimination claim filed against him by a former prosecutor in his office.

Hughes is free on bond awaiting sentencing.