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ABA publishes guide on supply chain compliance programs

The American Bar Association Business Law Section has published “Guide to Supply Chain Compliance Laws and Regulations,” which is the first book in The Corporate Social Responsibility Series. This guide addresses supply chain management, which has become the most pressing CSR-related risk management area for businesses of all sizes around the world. It guides lawyers and organizations through the necessary steps to develop and implement a modern supply chain compliance program.

This book provides context on the key regulations that are driving action, the industry standards leveraged to exchange information, and the practical steps for implementing an effective supply chain compliance program. Each section of the book highlights core features of modern supply chain compliance program, identifies potential pitfalls, and offers practical steps and solutions for a practitioner seeking to navigate this new area of international law.

Accordingly, the text and guidance are written in a way to best support readability and practical actions by a multitude of stakeholders in order to further the goals of the supply chain compliance team. Author Travis Miller dissects and succinctly describes the regulatory thicket and provides the reader with useful tools to quickly build effective compliance programs that address regulatory requirements and collect the data necessary for companies to compose their cases for recognition as good corporate citizens in their communications with stakeholders.

Miller, who collaborated with editor Alan S. Gutterman on the book, is general counsel and director of U.S. Operations at Assent Compliance Inc. He is an international trade and compliance attorney, a frequent speaker and author/editor of the ABA’s “The Lawyer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook.”

Gutterman is the founding director of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project.  He has authored or edited more than 80 books on sustainable entrepreneurship, management, business law and transactions, international law business and technology management, including the ABA’s “The Lawyer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook and Emerging Companies Guide, Second Edition.” He is the editor for The Corporate Social Responsibility Series.

“Guide to Supply Chain Compliance Laws and Regulations” costs $49.95.  The paperback can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or online at


New ABA book offers a fresh take on political gerrymandering

A new book from the American Bar Association’s Judicial Division, “Resolving Gerrymandering: A Manageable Standard,” offers a unique look at gerrymandering in the United States and a guide to solutions.

Written by Robert Schafer, a lawyer and professor of city and regional planning at Harvard University, the book is a guide to gerrymandering solutions without the entanglements of justiciability and political questions, focusing instead on the means by which gerrymandering operates. This novel approach is grounded in a comprehensive analysis of the Supreme Court’s reasoning and is applicable not only to partisan gerrymandering but also other unconstitutional inequities based on race, income, age and other characteristics.

The book covers:

• Congressional districts

• Political questions

• One person, one vote

• State legislative districts

• Gerrymandering

• A manageable standard for resolving gerrymandering

Schafer practiced law for more than 30 years and was an associate professor of city and regional planning at Harvard University, where he earned a Ph.D. in urban planning. He was a co-founder and former editor in chief of the Harvard Civil Rights–Civil Liberties Law Review. Schafer is the author of “Inequality: Piketty’s Capital in a Nutshell” and “The Suburbanization of Multifamily Housing,” and is co-author of an early quantitative analysis of racial and gender discrimination in mortgage lending, “Discrimination in Mortgage Lending; and coauthor of Housing America’s Elderly.” He is co-editor of the book “Housing Urban America.”

“Resolving Gerrymandering: A Manageable Standard” is available as a hardcover and eBook for $59.95.  To order, visit

New edition of ‘Startup Visa’ book strives to help America’s global comeback

The new, second edition of “The Startup Visa: Key to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity” by immigration attorney and activist Tahmina Watson appears just as the U.S. re-emerges on the world economic stage and strives to regain a leadership position in global innovation.  This leadership can only happen, Watson says, if the country strategically deploys one of its most potent resources: immigrant entrepreneurs.

“A bipartisan startup visa for immigrant entrepreneurs is essential for keeping America in this global race before the rest of the world surpasses us,” says Watson, who is herself an American immigrant and citizen of Bangladeshi heritage. “Historically, America has seen its best economic success when both domestic and international workers are able to contribute.”

Watson points out, many immigrant entrepreneurs “are American citizens waiting to happen.”

An expert in immigration law and the founder of the Watson Immigration Law firm in Seattle, Wash., Watson offers an analysis in her book of how existing options for immigrant entrepreneurs are not always good fits for today’s investor-backed founders. These include the H-1B, L-1A and E-2 visas. She also discusses the merits and strengths of the recently restored International Entrepreneur Program.

“Entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers will all find ‘The Startup Visa’ to be a helpful, practical guide,” Watson says. “It’s meant to be the kind of go-to reference that stays on your desk, and on your desktop.”

Brad Feld, the cofounder of Techstars, a global platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors and corporations, wrote the foreword to this second edition, which comes six years after the first publication of “Startup Visa” in 2015. That was one year before the Trump administration began significantly truncating the role of immigrant entrepreneurs in the American economy. Watson’s “Legal Heroes in the Trump Era,” which she published a month before Joseph R. Biden became president-elect, chronicled the efforts of a number of attorneys during that time to maintain equitable processes in immigration law.

“The Startup Visa,” 2nd edition, is available in e-book, and paperback on Amazon.