68th District Court Announces

 Amnesty Program: One Time Deal on waiving

$30.00 default fee
Got outstanding bench warrants with unpaid fines and costs, traffic and parking tickets with unpaid fines and costs?
The 68th District Court has a one time deal for you: Pay in person or by mail February 22, 2010 through March 24, 2010 and avoid paying not only the default fee but the 20% late fees as well.
Those with unpaid traffic and parking tickets can come into the court to pay their fines and costs. Payments by mail must have the ticket/case/citation number on the check or money order, indicate for amnesty program and must be postmarked no later than March 24, 2010 to get a break on the default fee and the 20% late fees. Those people currently in bench warrant status are included in the amnesty program and will have no threat of arrest for these violations.
The amnesty program, however, is only a break on local late fees. The court cannot excuse the state’s penalties and fines, for example, for those who have suspended driver’s licenses.