In 'Appreciation'


The Debtor/Creditor Committee of the Oakland County Bar Association hosted its 2nd Annual Business Court Staff Appreciation Luncheon at CJ’s Upper Deck in Waterford on a spring-like day February 23. The Oakland County Business Court, which operates under the umbrella of the Circuit Court, began in June 2013 and was created a year earlier by state statute. Its purpose is “to establish the best practices for the resolution of business cases” that are within jurisdiction of the Circuit Court, according to Business Court Judges Wendy Potts and James Alexander. Pictured, l-r, at the luncheon are: Amanda Page (Vice Chair of the OCBA Committee), Sheila Russ, Joe Grekin (Chair of the Committee), Judge Potts, Derek Howard, Judge Alexander, Steve Hegedus, Megan McGown Holms, Julie Adams, Audrey Marshall, John (Nick) Haller, and Donna Labelle.

Photo by John Meiu