91 Years of Service

This issue marks the beginning of the 92nd year of publication of The Flint-Genesee County Legal News. The news­paper was established in August 1928 and continues to operate.

With each passing year the value of this newspaper has become more apparent to members of the legal profession, courts of Genesee County and the general public as they realize that stability and ex­perience add to the prestige and accuracy that is so necessary in this field.

We continue to adhere to the original policy of publishing only news of legal concern, pro­ceedings and business transactions in the county. We’ve maintained files of The Legal News for the past 91 years, and the preservation of these copies offers a complete, convenient and permanent record available for reference.

We earnestly ask the legal profession to use The Legal News for publication of probate matters, mortgage fore­closures, divorce actions and other legal matters requiring ­notice.

The revised publication laws eliminating public notice have affected the financial capability of the newspaper to continue its traditional role of service to the profession without almost total support from the profession.

We respectfully solicit that support.


The Flint-Genesee County Legal News

BAN IBRAHIM, Publisher


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