Duly Noted

 Ottawa County’s 20th Circuit Court, Juvenile Services, releases

report card
The 20th Circuit Court, Juvenile Services (Ottawa County) has released the findings of its first Community Report Card.  The Community Report Card is a transparent mechanism by which the Court shares benchmarked outcomes with the community. These benchmarks and outcomes fall into four categories for the 743 cases closed during 2009:
Community Protection – enforcing court orders and monitoring youth to ensure
a reduced risk to the community. 
—91% had no new criminal charges while under court supervision
—87% tested negative for use of drug while under court supervision
Accountability – teaching youth about the impact of their crimes on victims and how to repair the harm
—5,808 hours of community service were ordered
—5,783 hours of community service were completed
—$24,447 in restitution was collected
—78% of restitution was paid in full
Competency – build-
ing skills in better de-
cision-making and positive citizenship
—692 youth participated in at least one competency development program
—90% successfully completed the competency development program
—93% were enrolled in school at the time of closure
Overall – reflects the percentage of youth who successfully completed supervision with the Court
—94% of the youth were identified as being successful at the time of discharge from court supervision
Data will be tracked each year going forward and shared with the community in the form of a Community Report Card. Juvenile Services is located in the Fillmore Street complex, West Olive.