Duly Noted

Miller Johnson announces municipal and public school district restructuring team

Michigan municipalities and school districts seeking guidance in dealing both with financial problems and with the new Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act (the "Emergency Manager Act") can find the help they need within Miller Johnson's new Municipal and Public School District Restructuring

Thomas P. Sarb, chair of the Team, said “We're well aware of the increasing financial stress Michigan's public schools and local governments are dealing with. We also know that the new law gives authorities an incentive and opportunity to begin restructuring actions at an earlier stage than they might have before the legislation passed. Our team is prepared to assist them in moving forward.”

The team's goal is to help school districts and municipalities restructure obligations, pursue alternative arrangements (including consolidation and privatization) to lower costs, and avoid the appointment of an emergency manager. Team members come from many of the firm's well-established practice groups, including education, municipal, employee benefits, employment and labor, and bankruptcy and creditors'/debtors' rights. Some key areas of experience are: (1) implementing consolidation and privatization of services (both internally and through cooperation with other public entities); (2) negotiating concessionary collective bargaining agreements; (3) reducing the burden of pension, health care, and other employee benefit plans; (4) complying with the Open Meetings Act (OMA) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); and (5) addressing the financial demands of many constituencies, from lenders and trade creditors to employees and retirees.

Miller Johnson sees its new Municipal and Public School District Restructuring Team as a valuable and innovative tool for its clients. The team's group of experts from a variety of fields and its comprehensive, coordinated approach to issues will give municipal and school district clients a real advantage in facing the challenges posed by today's economic picture and by the new Emergency Manager Act.

For more  information about the new team, visit www.millerjohnson.com.