City Commission appoints Steiner to Sustainable Streets Task Force

by Cynthia Price
and from Rhoades McKee

Scott J. Steiner, Environmental and Real Estate Lawyer at Rhoades McKee, joins other community leaders to serve on a Blue Ribbon Sustainable Streets Task Force for the City of Grand Rapids Created by the city commission at its Feb. 7 meeting, the Task Force will examine the current condition of the City’s street infrastructure and current maintenance and reconstruction practices. It will also develop recommendations regarding new technologies, best practices, and available and potential financial resources to fund and repair deteriorating city streets in the form of a strategic plan.

Due to decreased funding coming in to cities across the state, some of the streets in Grand Rapids are in very bad shape. In a statement released by the City of Grand Rapids, Mayor Heartwell said, “I would like to see the conversation be about making effective investments using an asset-management approach. How can we do business differently? Are there some services that should be reduced or eliminated? There may be some functions that the City's Street Fund supports today — like storm water infrastructure and forestry — that perhaps should be paid for differently.”

Chair of the firm's Environmental Law Practice Group and a core member of the Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change Practice Group, Steiner also  practices in the areas of real estate law, land use law, and condemnation. He specializes in complex commercial and industrial real estate projects involving sites with contamination or regulated features such as wetlands, lakes, streams or critical dunes.

City commissioners Ruth Kelly, Elias Lumpkins and David Shaffer will also serve on the task force, which is scheduled to deliver a “State of the Streets” report on May 15, 2012 at the City Commission’s meeting.