Jaffe firm extends generous hand to help students 'pack' for school


As shown in these Legal News photos by Robert Chase:

Throughout August, the Southfield-based law firm of Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss partnered with ChildSafe, a local nonprofit foster family and adoption agency, to collect backpacks, school supplies and donations for 50 foster children. On Aug. 20, the much-needed supplies were presented to ChildSafe representatives during a brief ceremony at Jaffe’s headquarters in the American Center building.

On hand for the presentation were (left to right) Rick Zussman, Jennifer Oertel, and Deana Paull, all of Jaffe; along with Jessica Winter of ChildSafe, Arthur Weiss of Jaffe, Alexis Redmond of ChildSafe, and Ann Marie Lesniak of Jaffe.