Tiger roams streets of Grand Rapids


Spotted at ArtPrize: man in tiger suit.


by Cynthia Price
Legal News

With all that goes on in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize, someone pretending to be a tiger drew almost no attention at all Wednesday, even though he spent time standing right in the middle of Monroe Center Street.
He was there for a reason, as were similar tigers in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.
The Forest Heroes Campaign is urging Kellogg Company, which makes the famous Kellogg’s cereals, to abandon a partnership with Wilmar International to buy palm oil. Organizers call Asian agribusiness company Wilmar “the world’s least sustainable corporation.” They say Wilmar’s practices destroy rain forests, which, among other things, further erodes habitat for the endangered Sumatran tiger. Hundreds of calls and postcard signatures were generated in Grand Rapids.

“By partnering with the least sustainable company in the world, Kellogg’s is putting its reputation and legacy at risk,” said Ben Cushing, Field Organizer.  Kellogg is rated one of Forbes top 100 reputable companies. Ciara Lane, a senior at Aquinas College, added, “With Kellogg’s being a local company that prides itself on sustainability, we can unite people all across the state in calling on them to be true to their values.”

Other organizations have gone even further, accusing Wilmar of illegal or marginally legal activities such as land grabbing.

For its part, Wilmar denies any involvement in practices which damage the environment.