Duly Noted

SCAO’s Parks honored for helping problem-solving courts improve

Dr. Jessica Parks, State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) Trial Court Services Deputy Director, was presented with the Judge William G. Schma award during the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP) conference. The award recognizes Dr. Parks’ work managing the Michigan Supreme Court’s efforts to assure that drug, sobriety, mental health and veterans treatment courts are implementing best practices and achieving substantially improved outcomes for participants.
“This honor symbolizes the kind of transformation we are working on at the State Court Administrative Office to make this organization the one that judges and administrators turn to for expert guidance,” said Michigan Supreme Court (MSC) Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr.

“When problem-solving courts are successful, lives are changed for the better and communities are strengthened," said MSC Justice Mary Beth Kelly.

Judge William G. Schma was the founder and first MATCP President. The Schma Award is presented to persons who have made outstanding contributions to problem-
solving courts in Michigan. In MATCP’s 18-year history, only six persons have received it.

Eaton County Judge Harvey Hoffman, who presented the award, said, “The entire Board of Directors of the MATCP recognizes the many and varied contributions that Dr. Jessica Parks has made to problem-solving courts in Michigan. Her intelligence and commitment are truly special. She has helped Michigan to become a national leader in DWI Courts and veterans courts specifically and problem-solving Courts generally.”


Civil Service Commission appoints state personnel director

The Michigan Civil Service Commission has appointed Jan Winters as State Personnel Director.  Commission operations have been under the direction of Deputy Director Matt Fedorchuk since January.

Winters received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Michigan State University. She is currently Director of the Office of the State Employer, responsible for developing and administering state policies in employment relations, health management, and employee service. Winters has over 35 years of experience in human resources, labor relations, contract negotiation and administration, and employee benefit programs. Winters also served as a deputy director at Civil Service.

As State Personnel Director, Winters will oversee the delivery of HR services to all Executive Branch state departments and agencies, over 48,000 classified employees.
Commission Chair Thomas (Mac) Wardrop stated, “We are pleased that Ms. Winters has accepted our offer to become State Personnel Director.  Her extensive background in state government—twice serving as the State Employer and as a deputy with the Commission—makes her uniquely qualified to continue our efforts to continuously improve human resource management in state government.”

“I look forward to returning to a leadership role with the Civil Service Commission,” Winters said.  “It’s an excellent team of dedicated HR professionals.”

Winters’s appointment is effective April 26, 2015.