Michigan Association for Justice endorses Michigan Proposal 1, up for May vote

The Michigan Association for Justice Executive Board has voted to support Proposal 1, a sales tax and road funding measure set to appear on the May 5th ballot.
The Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) has been calling for a solution to Michigan’s crumbling roads since March 2013 when they launched fixyourride.org.

The website provides information on how drivers can receive compensation from state and local governments for damage done to their cars by potholes.

“The state of our roads is abysmal,” said Scott A. Goodwin, president of the Michigan Association for Justice. “Every day the chances of a serious car accident increase as our roads continue to fall apart. While this proposal isn’t perfect, we need to make roads and bridges safer for Michigan drivers.”

 Making Michigan a safer place for its citizens is a key priority for the members of MAJ. Every day, MAJ members work with individuals who have been affected by Michigan’s failing infrastructure.

“Without this proposal, I worry that it could be years before another solution comes out of Lansing,” Goodwin continued. “This is a great opportunity to make Michigan a better place to live, work, and play."

The Michigan Association for Justice, formerly the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association, is a trade association of over 1,600 plaintiff's attorneys and staff, with offices in Lansing, Michigan. For more information, visit https://www.michiganjustice.org/