Duly Noted . . .

Governor Snyder makes reappointments to the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission

Gov. Rick Snyder announced  last week the reappointments of Frank Eaman of Huntington Woods, Brandy Robinson of Detroit, John Shea of Chelsea, and William Swor of Grosse Pointe Woods, to the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission.

The commission was created to improve legal representation for low-income criminal defendants. In October 2011, Executive Order 2011-12 established the initial Indigent Defense Advisory Commission, responsible for recommending improvements to the state’s legal system. These recommendations served as the basis for legislation to address this need and called for the 15-member Indigent Defense Commission that the governor signed into law in July 2013. “A key principle of the judicial system is that every citizen has a right to competent legal counsel,” Snyder said. “I am confident these members will continue to serve our state well...”
Eaman is an attorney with Frank D. Eaman, P.L.L.C. In this capacity his professional experience deals with trials and appeals in state and federal courts, with an emphasis on criminal cases. Eaman earned his law degree from the University of Michigan. He continues to represent members submitted by the Criminal Defense Attorneys Association of Michigan, along with John Shea.

Shea is a practicing attorney and owner of John A. Shea, Attorney at Law. He has previously worked as a criminal defense attorney and has served on the Indigent Defense Advisory Commission. Shea holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a law degree from University of Michigan.

Robinson is the deputy defender, research/writing specialist with the Federal Defender Office. She previously served at the State Appellate Defender Office. Robinson earned her bachelor’s degree and law degree from University of Michigan. She represents those whose primary mission or purpose is to advocate for minority interests.

Swor has practiced federal criminal and immigration law for 42 years and has presented cases in state and federal courts in over 20 state and federal jurisdictions. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Oakland University and his law degree from Wayne State University. He will continue to represent members submitted by the Criminal Defense Attorneys Association of Michigan.

Members will serve four-year terms expiring April 1, 2020 (appointments not subject to the advice and consent of Senate).