Duly Noted

Grand Rapids Bar Association accepting nominations for annual awards

The Grand Rapids Bar Association is now accepting nominations for the Donald R. Worsfold Distinguished Service Award, the President’s Award, and the Liberty Bell Award.

The Worsfold Award recognizes a member of the Grand Rapids Bar Association for a career of service to the Bar, the profession, and the community. This award is presented when the GRBA wishes to acknowledge and honor the contributions of a member whose service stands out for its extraordinary impact on the life of the community.

The 2017 Worsfold Award winner was Jon G. March.

The President’s Award is given annually to recognize special contributions by a GRBA member in service and/or support to the GRBA Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and Executive Director. Nominations are sought from the officers, trustees and staff who are required to submit a statement supporting the nomination and addressing the criteria. The Executive Committee reviews the nominations and makes a recommendation to the trustees who will select the recipient.

Benjamin H. Hammond was given the President’s Award in 2017.

 The Liberty Bell Award honors a non-lawyer or a non-profit organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of justice or advancing public understanding of the Constitution and our legal system. The purpose of the Award is to recognize community service that has raised awareness in American’s Justice System by:

—Promoting a better understanding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

—Encouraging greater respect for law and the courts.

—Stimulating a deeper sense of individual responsibility so those citizens recognize their duties as well as their rights.

—Contributing to the effective functioning of our institutions of government.

—Fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the rule of law.

The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan won the 2017 Liberty Bell Award.

Those who would like to nominate someone deserving of any of the awards may access nomination forms by visiting www.grbar.org/?page=70; there is also a list of award winners prior to 2017 on that webpage.