WMU-Cooley Law School Student Bar and Professional Development hold Career Week activities

Last week, WMU-Cooley Law School’s Grand Rapids campus hosted legal professionals, all WMU-Cooley Law School graduates, during the law school’s career week activities.

Nate Karnes, WMU Cooley Law School Career Services and Enrollment Coordinator; Erika Weiss, Barnes & Thornburg LLP; Wendi Price, Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law PLLC; John Faris, Durellaw, PLC;  and Aaron Cook, WMU-Cooley Legal Assistance Center attorney, were panelists during the June 14 discussion “Getting Started in Your Job Hunt.”

During the discussion, panelists spoke about their own career searches and answered questions put to them by the law students in attendance.

Faris encouraged students to know themselves and understand what a good fit would be for them.  He said they should always have a perfect resume, and have it ready to give to anyone who asks them to send them their resume.
Weiss encouraged students to “treat their externships and clinics as their next job.”

Cook recommended taking multiple opportunities as a student to determine where and what areas of law to practice. He talked about getting practical legal experience at the law school’s Access to Justice Clinic, where the students would have the opportunity to  meet with clients and appear before judges.

Price noted that grades matter and “some firms will only look at the top 10 percent of a class.”

Other topics discussed included the importance of law students’ reviewing their social media presence and removing questionable posts.

The event was hosted by the Student Bar Association Mentorship Committee, and the law school’s Career and Professionalism Department.