Firm offers appellate consultation and mock oral arguments services with judge

Young & Associates, P.C., a law firm specializing in complex business litigation, launched a service offering Appellate Consultation and Mock Oral Arguments, giving attorneys the opportunity to consult and prepare with former Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Henry William Saad, Of Counsel with the firm.

“Even the most experienced attorneys need to follow an intense preparation regimen prior to arguing an appeal, especially when millions of dollars are at stake,” said Judge Saad.

“Putting appeals through the rigors of oral argument to best position cases for a positive ruling is the key to success. It is virtually impossible to anticipate all the probing questions that will be posed by a panel of experienced appellate jurists and thus doing a mock appellate argument prepares the attorney for these complex questions which can be decisive in an appeal.”

The program prepares experienced appellate lawyers to anticipate and answer tough and perhaps unanticipated questions of appeal. Judge Saad’s 20 years of experience as an appellate litigator and 24 years on the appellate bench give him the authority to conduct rigorous mock oral arguments which will give appellate lawyers unique insight into cases to improve their clients’ chances of success on appeal.
Judge Saad has heard thousands of oral arguments over the course of his career, making him an expert in appellate litigation.

Judge Saad will meet with participants to prepare them for probing questions from the bench, review and re-frame legal briefs, identify potential problem areas in arguments and render a final opinion. Under social distancing recommendations, he is offering consultations and arguments via videoconferencing.

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