ABA offers 'The Divorce Trial Manual' Second Edition

The ABA offers ‘The Divorce Trial Manual: From Initial Interview to Closing Argument, Second Edition,’ by Steven Nathan Peskind. 

A complete rewrite of the first edition, this book puts into words lessons taught during the  Trial Advocacy Institute, providing divorce lawyers a comprehensive guide to managing and trying a divorce case.   

This is a comprehensive yet hands-on guide to managing and trying a divorce case, based on Steven Peskind's years of experience as a family lawyer and as an instructor at the Trial Advocacy Institute.

The book covers the fundamentals of trying a divorce case--opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, and closing argument--as well as handling typical and critical issues such as how to present and challenge financial and child custody expert witnesses.  

Now completely rewritten, the manual covers everything from essential information gathered in initial client meetings to organizing the case and bringing issues and evidence together in the trial and closing argument.   

The first part looks at the importance of pretrial planning and analysis, from strategies for a successful consultation to guidance on starting and managing a case, and demonstrates the importance of beginning trial preparation at the beginning rather than a month before trial. Case analysis, discovery, and motion practice are also covered.   

The final section considers the particulars of handling a custody case and a financial case. Common to both cases is the use and importance of expert witnesses. 

Peskind provides sample examination questions for both the direct examination and the cross-examination of expert witnesses.  

The book includes reference materials, including intake forms, case management checklist, sample forms and letters, and an evidence foundation chart.

Visit https://www.americanbar.org/products/inv/book/416955485/.