ICLE damages book updated

Michigan's Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) has released a new Cumulative Supplement to Michigan Law of Damages and Other Remedies on the 10th anniversary of its publication in 2002.

Cooley law professor Otto Stockmeyer co-edited the two-volume book (known locally as "Stockmeyer on Damages") and also contributed the Introduction and chapters on Contract Damages and Multiple Damages. Other contributors include Cooley professors Nelson Miller and Nora Pasman-Green, and Cooley alum M. Jean Ligon.

Maximizing (or minimizing) damages is an important element of almost every civil lawsuit. Savvy lawyers know that while proof of damages may come toward the end of a trial, their measurement should be a consideration almost from the moment a client walks in the door. This may explain why the book has become an ICLE bestseller.

Another reason for its popularity is that judges often adopt relevant sections of the book for use as jury instructions when no standard jury instruction covers a particular damages issue.

Since 2005 Michigan Law of Damages and Other Remedies has been available in both print and online editions. Access to the online edition is by annual subscription. It is fully searchable and continually updated. Citations link directly to Michigan cases, statutes, and court rules. The print version, current to November 15, 2011, is available for $195.Visit www.icle. org for additional information.

Published: Thu, Jan 26, 2012