Register of Deeds announces new e-returns upgrades to record system

When new property deeds or other documents are submitted to the Ingham County Register of Deeds, it can often take about a week before those documents are back in the hands of residents. While this turnaround time is actually much faster than many counties, the weeklong gap can still sometimes cause problems for citizens who must have their deed back quickly for submission to banks, or other application processes for homeowner assistance.

Curtis Hertel Jr. aims to shorten that timeframe, with an announcement today that Ingham County will now be able to process e-returns. With this process in place, documents can be immediately emailed back to the submitters upon their recording. The recording process typically takes only 2-3 business days. The emailed documents will have the office's recording information on the image, and can be printed as a true copy of the document, even while the original is still being processed at the Register of Deeds' office.

"The new e-Returns system is part of our concerted effort to make the Register of Deeds office a more efficient and customer-friendly government office," said Hertel. "With just some basic contact information and an email address, any of our customers can use this new system to receive their recorded documents back quickly."

The service is just one of many technical upgrades implemented at the Register of Deeds, since Hertel took office in 2008. The county now offers the Property Fraud Prevention service, which allows citizens to register their names and be notified anytime a property document is recorded with their name on it. The Register of Deeds office also switched to a faster & more efficient system for entering, maintaining & searching records, in September of 2011.

Citizens can find out more about these programs by calling the Register of Deeds office at (517) 676-7250, or sign up for the Property Fraud Alert system at

Published: Thu, May 10, 2012