Nominations accepted for MLK award

Nominations are now being accepted for the Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" Award to be presented at the WCBA Annual Bias Awareness Dinner Meeting on Thursday, October 17.

The award honors persons or organizations that have fostered greater awareness and sensitivity to racial, ethnic and gender bias issues in the legal system and have made contributions to the goal of eliminating such biases.

Criteria for the award includes:

1. Promoting equal access to the judicial system and unbiased treatment within the judicial system to all persons;

2. Implementing the recommendations of the Michigan Supreme Court Task Forces on gender, racial and ethnic issues in the courts;

3. Sensitizing members of the Washtenaw County Bar Association and special purpose bar associations to the more subtle forms of discriminatory treatment, and by persuasion and example, ending them.

Send the name of your nominee, together with a short explanation of why you believe he or she should receive the award, to Kyeena Slater at slaterk@ All nominations will be submitted to the Race, Gender & Ethnic Bias Awareness Committee. Recommendations will be presented to the WCBA Board of Directors on Sept. 19.

Published: Thu, Jun 27, 2013