Many residents can wipe criminal records clean

Many of us have wondered why we did not get approved for a mortgage or why we did not get that new job or even that promotion. The answer may have something to do with your background record. Approximately 30 percent (65,000,000) of U.S adults have a criminal record. With nearly 10 million Michigan residents, this equates to nearly 3 million residents in the state with a criminal record.

What most of these residents don't know is that there is now a way to have their criminal record erased in an affordable and convenient way - expungement.

The 1-800-LAW-FIRM, PLLC has created an Expungement tool on their website so that residents can determine if they're eligible for this life-changing service. With two plans to choose from, either the 'Do It Yourself Plan' without representation or a 'Full Service Plan' with representation, they make it fast and easy to apply.

Some crimes that may be eligible for expungement are:

- You were convicted of a crime as a minor and it is holding back your employment opportunities

- You were wrongfully convicted of a crime and have past the deadline for appeal

- You have had charges against you dropped or dismissed but they are still appearing on your record.

- You were convicted of a crime in your past and need to have the charges removed from your record in order to help you move forward with your life

Felony charges are not eligible for expungements such as:

- Felony offenses with a maximum punishment of life imprisonment

- An attempt to commit a felony with a maximum punishment of life imprisonment

- Criminal sexual conduct in the first, second or third degree

- Assault with the intent to commit criminal sexual conduct

- All traffic offenses (this includes driving on an expired/suspended license and DUIs)

"People often make mistakes in their youth and sometime when they are adults, but it doesn't always have to hold them back from the life they want" said 1-800-LAW-FIRM, PLLC CEO Ari Kresch. "The mistakes of your past won't come out at a convenient time and expungement is a little known legal process that can keep your skeletons in the closet."

Published: Mon, Nov 24, 2014


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