Ingham County Bar Foundation issues annual report


This fiscal year (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016) has been a banner year for the Ingham County Bar Foundation (ICBF). Its many accomplishments were achieved as a result of the dedication and hard work of many, including the Directors and Executive Director who gave their time and money to support the ICBF and its mission.

The ICBF expanded its collaboration with other Bar organizations by the addition of two ex officio members representing the Ingham County Bar Association (ICBA) and the Young Lawyers Section (YLS).The representative members of the ICBA and the YLS permitted an expansion of the collaboration efforts of the ICBF and were consistent with the respective missions of each organization.

For the fiscal year starting 2016, the ICBF intends to add two additional ex officio members, one each from the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association and the Women's Lawyers Association of Michigan.

Support of organizations that benefit the Legal Community is a major function of the ICBF. This year ICBF donated over $13,500, as follows:

• $2,000 to Small Talk Children's Assessment Center;

• $2,000 to the Sobriety Court Foundation;

 • $2,000 to the Legal Services of South-Central Michigan as part of its general guideline grant program;

 • $5,000 grant to the Veterans' Treatment Court Foundation; ? $500 to the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association Annual Dinner;

 • $500 to the Women's Lawyers Association of Michigan Annual Dinner;

 • $500 to the Young Lawyers Section for their Paper Chase event; and

 • $1,000 in support of the Bench Bar Conference for the Ingham County Bar Association;

The ICBF also bought a $75 advertisement in the ICBA Annual Dinner program.

Selection of attorneys to be Fellows of the ICBF is an important recognition of prestige and outreach achieved by attorneys in Eaton, Clinton and Ingham Counties. Fellows are chosen on a very limited basis from the members of the Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Bar Association, who possess the necessary experience, leadership, integrity, professionalism and character to qualify as an ICBF Fellow.  In 2015, the following individuals were recognized as Fellows: Hon. Clinton Canady, III; Douglas G. Chalgian; Hon. Joyce A. Draganchuk; James B. Jensen, Jr.; and Honorable Andrea Andrews Larkin.

For the first time, in 2015, the ICBF supplied past and present Fellows with a certificate certifying their admission as a Fellow.

Other initiatives of ICBF of significant note were:

 • Established a webpage with a link to the Ingham County Bar Association;

 • Developed a “gift badge” of the ICBF to permit Fellows to place the same on their respective webpage;

 • Co-established with the ICBA Lawyer's Table for lawyers to gather once per week at a local restaurant for collegiality, growth and education;

 • Held the first ever ICBF planning meeting to discuss new ideas, increasing membership, increasing connections with local businesses, and increasing endowment opportunities;

 • Started the PayPal method of payment for ICBF dues and golf registration fees and other event charges;

 • Started a check-off program, in cooperation with the ICBA, for members to pay ICBF dues along with ICBA dues;

 • Sponsored and presented, through president David Lick and director Shenique Moss, at the Martin Luther King Program at City Hall;

 • Drafted articles for publication that recognized contributions as memorials and the various grants that were made; and

 • Adopted an amendment to the Bylaws expanding the ICBF Board of Directors from 12 to 15 in further support of the Foundation’s connections to the community.

Through the efforts of Chairman Kurt Krause and committee members Sue LeDuc, Nan Casey, George Zulakis, and Dave Lick, the 2016 Golf Outing was a resounding success. It had a near record number of golfers and sponsorships. Significant to the outreach of the ICBF was the increase in sponsorships from non-attorney entities.

On behalf of the Ingham County Bar Foundation, I wish to thank all of those who have participated, contributed or otherwise supported the Ingham County Bar Foundation events and mission. Our motto is collaboration with others from which the success of our mission is enhanced.

David M. Lick, President, Ingham County Bar Foundation