ABA book provides jury instruction templates

Model Jury Instructions: Product Liability” provides model jury instructions and verdict form interrogatories for use in most product liability cases, as well as law and commentary from which the instructions are derived. Each chapter provides an overview of the current state of the law, including the pivotal cases and a discussion of the practical issues to consider. Chapters provide model instructions based on the Restatement (Second) and Restatement (Third) of Torts so readers can easily select the instruction applicable to their jurisdiction.

Editors Tina Schaefer, Laura Whitmore and Jana Wozniak collaborated with more than a dozen authors on this collection of proposed model jury instructions and verdict form interrogatories. These instructions and interrogatories use clear, straightforward language, and can be easily tailored to fit the particular facts and circumstances of most product liability cases. As an additional resource for the practitioner, each chapter contains a chart of state model instructions with pinpoint references to the state model instructions pertaining to the topic of each chapter. Topics include:

• Introductory instructions

• Strict product liability

• Negligence

• Causation

• Warranty liability and misrepresentations

• Defense issues

• Special instructions

• Damages

• Verdict form

“Model Jury Instructions: Product Liability” was edited by Tina Schaefer, Laura Whitmore and Jana Wozniak.

 A second new book discusses legal malpractice insurance. Plaintiffs  need only a filing fee and the ability to get their complaint filed; the complaint does not necessarily need to have merit. Having an insurance policy in place to provide and pay for experienced defense counsel can provide the peace of mind no lawyer should be without.

The new ABA book, “Legal Malpractice Insurance in One Hour for Lawyers,” will open your eyes to the many coverage options available under your legal malpractice insurance policy. Author JoAnn L. Hathaway, a state bar association practice management advisor for the State Bar of Michigan Practice Management Resource Center, licensed insurance agent and registered professional liability underwriter, will teach you how to:

• Choose deductibles

• Select the right coverage limit

• Wisely choose your insurance carrier

• Learn about the claims process

• Protect your practice.



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