Greater Lansing Food Bank needs donations


By Mike Farrell

Consider this: A ticket to a Big Ten football game: $75. Parking: $20.Tailgating: $25. Game snacks: $25. Miscellaneous items: $20. Total: $165.

Think what that sort of money could do to help the hungry.

Despite upticks in the area economy, Michigan’s unemployment rate has risen to 4.5%, above the national average. Continued underemployment and other effects of an economy struggling to regain its footing are leading a record number of area residents, many of whom never imagined they would need assistance, to seek out food banks and soup kitchens. Daily, hundreds of low-income residents cannot afford well-balanced meals for their families and for themselves. They live with hunger.

Many “working poor” don’t earn enough to meet housing, health, transportation and food needs. Many households with one—or even two—incomes continue to struggle. Some of our neighbors who previously held full-time positions have had their hours cut. Many are forced to go without adequate food and nutrition, adversely impacting health and quality of life.

You can make a difference.

The Greater Lansing Food Bank is a non-profit organization providing support to shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens and neighborhood distribution sites and holiday baskets to those in need in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Shiawassee, Gratiot, Clare and Isabella counties. Last year, over six million meals were distributed, with more than 40% of the meals going to children.

Every dollar received provides more than three meals as the Food Bank’s buying power makes donations go further.

The Food Bank’s ability to serve people is directly related to and dependent upon the generosity of area residents. With its already stretched food supply, the Food Bank will struggle to meet the demand this holiday season.

Financial contributions are sorely needed.

Call the Greater Lansing Food Bank at (517) 853-7800 and donate by credit card; donate online, by credit card or PayPal, at; or mail a check made out to the “Greater Lansing Food Bank” to P.O. Box 16224, Lansing, MI 48901.

Look for the Greater Lansing Food Bank contribution envelope enclosed with this issue.  Please use it. Your financial assistance and participation are desperately needed and welcomed. The work of the Greater Lansing Food Bank is not possible without your support.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause that serves the needs of so many of our neighbors.


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