New ABA sourcebook looks at public-private partnerships

Harnessing the power of America’s private sector in partnership with federal, state and local governmental entities has been a primary thrust of homeland security. This imperative recognizes that much of America’s critical infrastructure is privately owned. Companies have come to see business continuity and profits as requiring deeper involvement in security and resilience. Both these motivations are driving and deepening multiple forms of public-private partnerships.
“The Sourcebook of Public-Private Partnerships for Security and Resilience” lays out the statutes, executive orders, legal issues and models relating to these types of public-private partnerships. It covers the law as it relates to counterterrorism and nonproliferation, mobility and maritime security, health and special weapons, disaster preparedness and response, and protection of cyber and critical infrastructure.

Principal author Susan Ginsburg served as senior counsel on the 9/11 Commission staff and has written extensively about mobility security and homeland security.

In addition to her work with the 9/11 Commission, Ginsburg worked at the Department of Treasury as Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Undersecretary for Enforcement.